Ratana Weather Covers Ratana Furniture Cover - Curved Corner 1 - FN52553-V-C1 - W15"(63)"xD38"xH36"

Ratana Furniture Cover - Curved Corner 1

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Dimensions: W15"(63)"x D38" x H36"

Ratana Furniture Covers 

Relax and simply cover your patio furniture from the elements, instead of the massive chore of storing your product in a garage or spare room.  Wicker Land Patio offers a selection of quality outdoor living furniture products, and to protect your investment from the elements, Ratana weather covers are a perfect solution.  

Ratana's premium furniture protective covers feature the finest natural dyed woven polyester fabric.  They are superiorly designed to provide the maximum safeguard for your beloved outdoor furniture and to keep them free from rain, sun, dirt, snow and dust.

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