PIZZA é CUCINA | Pizza Oven, Grill & Griddle All-In-One

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Imagine entertaining friends and family while using the Authentic Italian made Pizza e Cucina to griddle, bake, roast and grill all with wood fired flavour.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

The Pizza e Cucina is one of the most innovative products in our entire product line; a modular all-in-one, backyard cooking solution. The left side of the Pizza e Cucina can be used as a pizza oven, cast-iron grill, or a smoker. While baking pizza or grilling, you can use the right side of the unit as either a flattop griddle or a wok. The unit easily transforms between these all of these functions with its included accessories. And because we make every Pizza e Cucina with the same commitment to quality craftsmanship as our other Fontana products, you can rest assured that your multi-function oven will deliver superior results for years to come.

External Dimensions

 D 22", W 48", H 78"

Internal Dimensions

 D 18", W 22", H 16