Madison End Table

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• Sleek, uniquely shaped, and slanted back
• Featured with rustproof extruded aluminum power coating & brushed scratch resistance finish
• Madison offers in deep seat selection, living, dining, barset & adjustable lounger for selection
• Modular design provides flexibility and elegance
• Madison can match with other Ratana Table Tops (Arlington) & Bases (Hamilton & Montreal)
• Interlocking system for attaching sectional pieces with one another
• Avoid contact with seawater/saltwater for a long period of time
• For outdoor use only




W23.5" x D23.5" x H22"




Keep In Mind

  • Walkthrough space
  • Doors and windows that could provide blockage or restrictions
  • Natural gas hookups for BBQ's or fire tables
  • General view restrictions
  • Overall space management