Kosmos Q Rubs, Sauces & Brines Kosmos Q Pineapple Heat Rib Glaze

Kosmos Q Pineapple Heat Rib Glaze

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Can you handle the heat of this tropical new Rib Glaze™?

  • Add delicious shine to your next rack of ribs
  • Mix into a sauce for barbecue chicken, pork, and more
  • Made with scorpion peppers for next-level heat

Your next rack of ribs will be unforgettable with Kosmos sweet, spicy, lip-smacking Pineapple Heat Rib Glaze™. Use it as your last finishing touch and watch it melt into a glorious shine, or mix into a sauce and use it on all of your barbecue favorites. Made with scorpion peppers, Kosmos Pineapple Heat Rib Glaze™ is not for the faint of heart — consider yourself warned!


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