Kosmos Q Rubs, Sauces & Brines Kosmo's Q Honey Jalapeno BBQ Sauce

Kosmo's Q Honey Jalapeno BBQ Sauce

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The perfect blend of sweet and spicy for the barbecue pitmaster in your life.

  • Taste real, sweet honey
  • Junk-free
  • Made with real sugar

Ahhh, the sweet and savory combination of honey and BBQ sauce. Has there ever been a more delicious match made in heaven? Whether you’re brushing this sweet heat onto ribs, barbecue chicken, or a dish of your own creation, your taste buds will be jumping for joy! Impress barbecue competition judges and in-laws alike. Order your bottle today!

  • Kosmos heat rating: mild
  • 15.5-ounce bottle