Weber Weber Accessories iGrill Mini - 7202

iGrill Mini

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  • The Weber iGrill Mini offers precision grilling, every time. With 150 hours of battery life, this two-inch magnetic thermometer seamlessly pairs with your mobile device via the Weber iGrill app to immediately alert you once your food has reached your target doneness. The iGrill Mini includes Smart LED technology that guides you through a four-color food progression spectrum, so you’ll never have to lift the lid on your grill or smoker and interrupt the cooking process. Green means that you’re ready to go, yellow indicates that you’re 15 degrees from your target temperature, orange signifies that you’re within 5 degrees of the target temperature, and red means that your meat is done—time to eat.

    Apple: iOS 11.1 or higher required:

    • iPhone 4S or later

    • iPad 3rd generation or later

    • iPad mini

    • iPod touch 6th generation or later

    Android: Most Android phones running Android 6.0 or higher and Bluetooth®️ 4.0 or higher.