Hi-Temp Silicone Spoonula

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  • New! Dishwasher Safe!
  • Designed and built for commercial kitchens
  • A single piece of molded silicone
  • Rated to 600°F
  • Stir, Spread & Serve
  • Won't fade or discolor
  • Order a Spatula too and have a set!
  • Color match your Thermapen!
  • Designed in Utah by ThermoWorks

New 600°F Spoonula

If you have a Thermapen for home use, then we know you want the very best thermal tools for the kitchen. Designed by ThermoWorks, the Spoonula scoops like a spoon, scrapes like a spatula. The smooth concaved surface makes for easy scooping, with no seams or creases to trap food.  Edges are smoothly tapered to a sharp point for scraping.  The molded silicone handle fits the hand for a confident grip.  Plus, you can just throw it in your dishwasher for cleaning.  The weighting and length are ideal for wielding in a variety of kitchen tasks from mixing, folding, serving, spreading, scraping, stirring and scooping.  Use it in a batter or at the stove. 

This simple and elegant spoonula makes a great addition to any cook’s toolbox.  Plus, you can get one in the same color as your Thermapen!

12-1/2" Length

BPA-Free Stain Resistant Silicone

Rated to 600°F