Giro Stool (Tall)

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• Finishes: Ratana Durarope™ - Lava Grey LAG / Pink PNK
• Frame: Aluminum & Durarope™
• 2x2 Durarope™ weaving • UV and weather resistant knitted polypropylene (PP) Durarope™
• Polypropylene (PP) Durarope™ have a Grey Scale result of 4 after 3,000 hours of UV testing
• Seat size 19” round (short stool) and 15” round (tall stool)
• With adjustable legs
• Lava Grey and Pink colors can match with Poinciana collection
• The maximum tensile strength of each Durarope™ is 280 LBF
• Max. weight load: 350 LBS
• Contract quality
• For outdoor use only





Seat Height: 21"

17 LBS


Keep In Mind

  • Walkthrough space
  • Doors and windows that could provide blockage or restrictions
  • Natural gas hookups for BBQ's or fire tables
  • General view restrictions
  • Overall space management