Cubo Sectional Armless Center Section

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• Weave: Resin – Creamy Oak COK round 7mm Aluminum – Pearl Grey PGR
• Frame: Aluminum
• Modular design of sectional provides flexibility and style
• Chairs with wood grain finished aluminum legs
• Chair with slanted back and seat panel dropping inwards to offer great comfort
• Interlocking system to secure sectional pieces
• Max. weight load: 350 LBS per seat
• Contract quality
• For outdoor use only
For fabric collection please click here to visit the Ratana collection website.




W25" x D39.5" x H25.5"

Seat H: 18"


2.25 (based on 27"x54" repeat, no matching pattern)


Keep In Mind

  • Walkthrough space
  • Doors and windows that could provide blockage or restrictions
  • Natural gas hookups for BBQ's or fire tables
  • General view restrictions
  • Overall space management