AKZ13 Base for Cantilever Umbrellas

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Comes in your choice of colour between Black, Bronze and Anthracite!

Standard base for any of the larger Treasure Garden Cantilever Umbrella's.  This base is included in the price of the umbrella.  The larger sizes of umbrella these bases are included with are the 13' Octagon & the 10' x 13' Rectangle.  If you would like to purchase this with a smaller umbrella, it is a nice upgrade to add some serious weight to the umbrella base.  Comes in your choice of colour between Black & Bronze.  Anthracite colour is only available by custom order, please call your nearest Wicker Land Patio location to place an order, and lead time will be roughly 10-12 weeks.

This base is hollow, and has 4 compartments that hold 4 "gas canister" sized fillable units.  When filled and combined within the base structure, these units can hold 400lbs of sand or gravel (recommended).  We do not recommend water as it can evaporate or freeze and crack the base in the winter.


This product will leave one of our three locations in 1-2 business days.